Dosing Suggestions

                                         Suggested Dosage

CBD dosing is all about the amount you are getting per serving of the remedy you utilize.

The ratio of CBD-to-THC of a particular strain of hemp/cannabis is good to know. But it doesn’t determine how many milligrams of CBD or THC you’re getting per serving. Plant extract, as well as pure CBD crystal is usually mixed in (diluted) with an oil or other “carrying ingredient.”

Different “CBD oil” or “CBD drops” products may also show a percentage of the plant extract infused in the oil. The percentage is good information, but the actual milligrams per serving is the most important to determine the outcome of improved health that you get.

More severe conditions such as cancer, PTSD, mental well-being, Parkinson’s, epilepsy etc. often require much larger doses. Just as valid, some conditions need less CBD for more effective relief. 1/5 tsp. = 1 milliliter. 1/8th teaspoon is about half that amount. Less may be more!


• Start by taking 10 to 30 mg. of CBD for the first 3 – 5 days during the day. If sleep is a much bigger issue for you, take it closer to bedtime. Many people say their sleep is improved, but notice how YOU feel, with either day or night time administration.

• If you feel much better, stay with that amount. Start low and go slow. This may be plenty for some people, not enough for others, too much for others. If you feel dizzy, high or too energized (some healthy people feel this – but not if you have depression) reduce the dose to just 4-10 drops only. Give it time to develop the full benefit.

• If you still want to feel more relief, take 25 to 50 mg. of CBD once-a-day for the next 3 – 5 days. If you are taking prescription medications or pain relievers, going slow is a good idea.

• If you feel much better, stay with that dose. Give it time and stay as consistent as possible. Don’t rush. Stick with that for another week or two. The experts suggest taking Sunshine Extract 2 hours apart from taking prescription medications.

• After 10 – 15 days, if you still want to feel better, take 25 to 50 mg. in the day and again in the evening (50 to 100 mg. per day) for the next week or two. You can adjust that to taking both doses in the daytime if daily anxiety is a bigger issue for you.

• If increasing your dose finds you feeling worse, reduce the dose. It’s not uncommon for there to be a “bell curve” effect where an optimum level is not a larger dose of CBD.

• After another 15 -30 days, if you still want to feel better, increase to an amount of 100 to 150 mg total per day. Stick with that dose for 2 – 4 weeks. Now it’s up to you. Going up to 250 mg per day may help in more severe cases, and it may not. This is the time to absolutely print out the clinical studies about cannabidiol and consult your doctor. Your doctor may not be interested. We feel the clinical studies are ESSENTIAL, not just important. Hopefully we can use the science to be in-sync with medical professionals.

Here’s a teaspoon-to-milliliter (volume of liquid) conversion. This shows the milligrams (amount of active ingredient) in a 50 mg./per serving example.

• 1/8 teaspoon = 0.62 ml. = 30.5 mg (milligram) dose of CBD in a 50 mg. per serving product.
• 1/5th teaspoon = 1 ml. = 50 mg. of CBD
• 1/4 teaspoon (1.23 ml.) = 61.5 mg. of CBD.
• 1/3 teaspoon (1.64 ml.) = 82 mg. of CBD.
* 1/2 teaspoon (2.46 ml.) = 125 mg. of CBD
• 1 teaspoon (5 ml) = 250 mg. of CBD when using a 50 mg./serving product.

Here are the doses that experts suggest for ADULTS, CANCER, and PEDIATRICS. For mental wellbeing, we’re focused on Dr. Daniele Piomelli’s study as a proven basis for success.

Everyone is an individual, so observe the results. Never suddenly reduce or increase any prescription medications, especially any SSRI (antidepressant) medications. Add-in a CBD remedy to your wellness routine. Cannabidiol’s benefits increase over a longer period of time.

The CBD Oil Review website suggests using everything from 2 – 1200 mg per day for DIFFERENT treatments. Plus there are a variety of CBD products available – both hemp and marijuana provide the same cannabidiol molecule, but it is critical to know the CBD-to-THC ratio (20:1 or greater) in any product. Find the smokable, tincture, oral/dermal sprays, lozenges etc. treatment that’s best for you.

CBD is clinically shown to be safe, and the claims made on this site are not evaluated by the FDA (because the antiquated U.S. Schedule I legal statutes prevent greater amounts of research). We only share examples and information, not medically perfected advice. It’s often smarter to “start low and go slow” when administering any dietary supplement.

CBD remedies extracted from hemp that contains only 0.3% THC are legal in the U.S. We absolutely do not advise or suggest obtaining any substances that are illegal in your local region.

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