Do you suffer from diabetes? This chronic condition affects millions of people, many of whom are unaware that they have the condition at all. The condition can result in the development of complications such as organ failure and blindness, and even amputation of limbs. There are several methods used to manage diabetes and cannabidiol is emerging as an effective non-mainstream method for managing and possibly treating diabetes. While various studies are still ongoing, the results of previous studies give a positive outlook for using CBD for diabetes lower A1C. 

Studies show that CBD oil is effective at improving blood glucose control as well as reducing inflammation. CBD oil is known to activate various receptors in the body including adenosine, vanilloid and serotonin that influence how the body produces naturally occurring cannabinoids. The activation of these receptors affects inflammation, the body’s perception of pain as well as your body temperature. Those with Type 2 Diabetes can benefit from the effects of CBD oil on insulin resistance. The oil in combination with THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) work to help lower blood sugar levels. They also help to increase the production of insulin. 

There are several ways you can apply CBD oil to help manage diabetes and the complications that arise from the condition. Prime Sunshine offers CBD in different forms to make it easier to integrate into your daily routine. You can buy CBD pain cream online and massage it onto your skin. However, if you’re taking CBD for diabetes lower A1C, it is recommended that you put a few drops under the tongue.