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Benefits Of CBD - Prime Sunshine


Prime Sunshine, Farm to Patient ~ Seed To Sale

Prime Sunshine CBD Products are pharmacist formulated and used to help many medical conditions like depression, anxiety, pain etc. Each product is packed with activated, potent, advanced hemp medicine from plants raised genetically “for medicine” on the Hemp Research Institute Campus. Prime Sunshine is “farm to patient” and our medicines are sourced for their potency and purity to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Prime Sunshine Hemp Derived CBD is farm grown, full-spectrum, and rich in terpenes, such as ß-caryophyllene, an FDA approved dietary cannabinoid.  Hemp CBD for depression. All of our products are analyzed by an independent lab, undergo rigorous testing and grown from the hemp sativa plant. We provide the highest pharmaceutical grade hemp CBD available in the marketplace free of toxins, fillers, ethanol, binders, preservatives or isolate.

Prime Sunshine delivers the “Whole Plant and Nothing But The Plant” as seen in the “Sacred Plant” documentary and ship to all 50 states and countries.


Our customers tell us “our products have helped them in many ways” hundreds of ways to be exact! Let us here from you!  Here are some of the special and unique features that sets Prime Sunshine apart from other brands:

  • PS plants are grown from Internationally Pedigreed Proprietary Certified Seed Stock.
    Translates To:   “Highest quality” available & grown in the USA.
  • PS plants are harvested by 7th Generation Artesian Hemp Farmers who Hemp Growing “Roots” date back to the early 1800’s.
  • PS is “Farm Direct”, Seed to Sale.
    Translates To:  “Transparency, Farm Fresh, No Middleman, Buy Direct,  know your source”.
  • Offers Wholesale & Re-Sale Opportunities  For Your Business or Medical Practice with Free Hemp Sales Training, Product Training, In Store Promotions, Marketing & Sales support. We’ll even support you at trade shows and conferences. 
    Translates To: We support your efforts to help others in every way possible seven days a week, plus phone consultations & Skype calls. Our customers who are not well have needed guidance and support from day 1. Although we’ve grown three times the size, we’ll never stop supporting our network of customers around the world. Ever. Guidance, education & better health is at the core of what we do. We’ll always be here for our customers.
  • PS Products are processed & packaged in an FDA Approved Facility.
    Translates To:  “The Office of Regulatory Affairs is considered the “eyes and ears” of the agency, conducting the vast majority of the FDA’s work in the field. Consumer Safety Officers provide oversight, purity, product safety, quality control,  facility inspections, clean conditions, legitimacy, legal standards met”.
  • PS Hemp Extract is derived from “Bud & Flower”, not sticks, stems, leaves or branches.
    Translates To: Most all brands contain aerial plant parts. We do not put those items in our extract.  Our plants yield high % CBD & terpene/flavonoid profile.
  • PS Products are always fresh and are extracted weekly…”you can taste the difference”.
    Translates To: Store-bought Hemp CBD Extract may be bottled & shelved for a year before you purchase it. Our Hemp Oil Extract is processed,  bottled & shipped out to your store or doorstep within days of extraction. Our customers who have switched to fresh extract can tell you “there is a difference, you can taste and feel it”.
  • PS hemp plants are grown on a “Not For Profit” Research Institute Campus where they undergo rigorous studies for Universities & other research.
    Translates To: Our plants are cared for and tended to by Senior Level Scientists,  University Professors, and 7th Generation Artesian Hemp Farmers. A role model for farms all over the world.
  • PS Products are the “Whole Plant and Nothing But The Plant”.
    Translates To: Pure. All Natural. There is nothing added to our Hemp Extract, it is unadulterated, processed with absolutely no chemicals or solvents. Just the plant, the way nature intended to be used.
  • PS hemp plants are tested from seedling to harvest.
    Translates To: PS plants are tested throughout their growth cycle from seedling to harvest. They’re in-house tested, batch tested and 3rd Party before shipped to our customers around the world.
  • PS offers different types of Hemp CBD Extract. Sativa – Indica Hybrids as well highly concentrated isolate with added terpenes for specific applications.
    Translates To: Our full line of products offer a range of 
    solutions, concentrates, formulations and proprietary delivery methods to meet the unique and varied needs of all our customers. 



I have been studying the health benefits of Cannabis for about a year now and have tried 3 brands of CBD(Cannabadiol) including the Prime Sunshine Brand and I would like to report that Prime Sunshine CBD is superior to the other 2 brands so I will be staying with this one TFN.

SylviaCharlotte NC

“Thank you, Ellen for introducing me to CBD!  I have fibromyalgia and the temperature here is in the MINUS double digits!  Currently -11 degrees  -16 with windchill factor.  Normally, this drastic change of weather would put me in bed with pain.  My pain levels have been much more tolerable.  I have not taken any pain medication, muscle relaxers or ibuprofen for my fibro pain in the last 2 weeks.

I asked my husband “Have I complained about pain lately?”  He said “very little”.  The ONLY change I made was the CBD tincher and inhaler.  I’m very optimistic and hopeful that I will soon be able to get off of some of my prescription medications.

Not only is my pain level better.  I don’t feel as anxious and I am sleeping better.  I hadn’t even thought about the fact that I had not taken a muscle relaxer or pain pill.

Shelly S.Indiana

To appreciate the life-changing affect of Prime Sunshine CBD products, we have to revisit where I started from as a 64-year old man suffering from shooting pain in both legs due to a lower lumbar herniated disc, which pressed against the sciatic nerve. I also experienced erectile dysfunction, which hampered the full satisfaction of a fulfilling relationship. I’ve had both conditions for several years. Though chiropractic, acupuncture, and doses of Cialis offered some relief, these conditions still were prevalent in my life and I resigned to accept them as “this is my life in my senior years.” About five weeks ago that “give-up” frame of mind started to improve to an optimistic attitude, when I was introduced to Prime Sunshine CBD oil products. I am taking the tincture in the morning and the aerosol at night. Over the past few weeks I noticed that the pain in my left leg was all but gone and I could feel progressively less pain in my right leg. I finally could walk quickly and comfortably. How about my ED condition? Well, let’s just say that I now wake up greeted by fully functioning equipment like I use to as a younger man. And yes, I am in a wonderful relationship with the woman of my dreams!

John RCharlotte, NC

I have suffered for 20 yrs w/chronic pain  & depression, thank you for providing the best CBD on the market. I have tried 7 other brands before I found yours. Yours is the real thing!! Definitely a difference taking a CBD that actually works on the whole body, I am experiencing the entourage effect and no longer have to take at least 4-5 prescriptions & my hot flashes, migraines, joint pain, psoriasis, IBS & anxiety are almost non existent. Your company is a leader in the industry & products are truly the most effective. Thank you for helping change my life for the better.

Lori D. 67Kansas

Had already been using the product for 1.5 weeks when my lower back went out.  My recovery when this occurs is usually close to two weeks.  While using this product (the 750 mg) I had no disabling spasms, and not as much inflammation or pain.  Overall, my recovery has been faster (7 days) without consuming any Tylenol or NSAIDs..  And here are a few other benefits.  I had significant coarse area of sun damage in my left eyebrow. After 6 applications of the oil to this area, it is gone.  My overall mood and my anxiety level are also greatly improved.  Wonderful product.

Jeff BCharlotte, NC

Thanks a lot to Prime SunShine, they have arranged an awesome element for your health which is really remarkable. Really many many thanks to Ellen for introducing me with this such kind of CBD which is most essential for my health. I think it is a great campaign of my whole friends and family. I expect its improvement and better service. thanks again

Zakaria BinsaifullahCEO, SSFoundation